Pen Mission And Characteristics

The writing of the pen and the book of the pen is basically the same, although the lines are thin and thin, not as bright as the pen book, there is a clear change in the thickness, Pen but the spirit is consistent. Write to carefully experience, repeated study, have effect.

One point, the point of the seal for the short or short vertical, Pen not very obvious. Although the script is not only, the painting is shaped, although it is not as colorful as the subsequent script, but it also plays an important role in the whole book. Compared with the regular script, Pen the official form of the book is more rounded, the front is not sharp, power contained.

Second, the horizontal, official script as the foundation of the shape of Chinese characters, in the circle of the seal will be turned into a process of folding, Pen given the new mission and characteristics of cross painting.

Three, vertical, vertical is second only in the square in the frequent use of Chinese characters strokes according to their shape, the official script can be divided into vertical and vertical right vertical two categories,

Four, wave pick, or swept, or write. Pen According to its shape can be divided into oblique, curved, straight three,

Five, wave 磔, regular script called Na, its shape slightly like wave cross, but the use of different, Pen according to its role, can be divided into flat, oblique two categories

Six, folding, folding in the official script from the role of pen, Pen it is categorically, neat, divided into straight and oblique,

First, the word for the official position of the official figure for the flat square, with about eight points to take the potential, wave clear, stretch the natural. Pen But not all of the official script must be written flat, but also as regular script all the words are not the same as the shape of the box. Chinese characters have fewer strokes, to write along the natural, it must have the length of the size of the change, which is the word vertical. Such as the Han cliff "Shimen" in the Chung, set, valley, by, more, Ming, Pen stone because of its less strokes, coupled with wave pick, wave of exaggeration and change, so the horizontal characteristics of the flat side of the more prominent And clear. as the picture shows. But the book, Yan, curse, things, yang, Pen bow, dragon, domain and other words, strokes more, cross painting is also more, so write a narrow and long, eight points is not obvious. as the picture shows. As well as "Shimen Chung" in the life, liter and other words, vertical pen written longer and more exaggerated, interesting.

Second, the formation of their own notes not only require the word center of each word is stable, and requires each word in the radicals can exist independently, Pen and not oblique. This is because it is from the seal of the independent side of the evolution of the reason. Pen As shown in the following figure, move, lose, fresh, Pen dollars, duties, Jun, Italy and other words, the upper and lower side of their respective forming, and regular script does not have this feature. A word if the upper and lower left and right can be formed independently, Pen so that the combination of a word will be smooth, and this is the official scriptures, simple, elegant features.