Pencil Does Not Contain Lead Poison

As we all know, the traditional wooden pencils, although the lead is also free of lead poison, but it is a waste of large wood, every year countless trees were cut off for the production of pencils, Pencil which for environmental protection, it is very unfavorable The

Traditional wooden pencils also have one of the biggest drawbacks that need to be done manually. From the domestic situation, the use of pencils is basically school-age children and pupils, Pencil and pencil cuts are very unsafe for them. And pencil sharpener is also very easy to failure, to many children caused a lot of trouble.

Compared to smart pencils, the traditional wooden pencil is very easy to break the core, extremely inconvenient. The emergence of smart pencils, Pencil it is to solve these deficiencies in these traditional wooden pencils

Smart pencils, also known as writing a pencil is a new generation of core technology pencil products, the main target for beginners (3-10 year old children).

The main function is: smart pencil writing lead when the micro-exposed, Pencil writing efforts beyond the routine, fully ensure that the lead is not broken off.

The results show that adults use normal pencils on paper pressure is only 0.5 to 1 Newton, and beginner writing children or second grade primary school students in writing when the force is usually 2 to 10 Newton, so children generally can not use the activities of pencils or automatic pencil , Pencil But can only choose wood pencils.

Now the country to develop low-carbon economy, pen industry development of a goal, is to make automatic pencil instead of wood pencil. And our "smart pencil" just in full compliance with this requirement.Pencil Is the future pencil market development of the main direction of its huge market potential.

Smart pencil dedicated core for the high-grade resin pencil, the use of high-quality graphite and resin and advanced core technology, so that the concentration, saturation are maintained at a reasonable ratio; pen writing smooth, tough, easy to break; font clear, You experience a very smooth writing feeling, but also with the writing of the pencil out of the core technology complement each other!

This idea can be used to customize the wearable electronic device, Pencil monitor the robot and other devices, or trigger the movement of the same door when the door or object is opened. And its creators say that this process is cheap and simple enough to be useful in making its own projects and research, Pencil or when resources are limited. It can also be amplified to the cost of wearable sensor technology.

The conductive properties of the graphite rectangle on paper, Pencil but with a very high resistance. Because the smart pencil is bent, the resistance increases or decreases, Pencil depending on which way it is distorted. By measuring the resistance, the exact angle of the bend can be detected.

The smart pencil is bonded to the finger by the paper, Pencil and the researchers found that it can monitor the movement of the limbs. Pencil They are also attached to a ruler and show that it can measure the bending of the item is - to determine the pressure on the proxy scale to play. And within a fold of a book, it can measure the angle of the opening of the book.